DIY ice-cream

Invent your own flavours!

Home-Made Ice Cream, Made Easy

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We are Eazy Freezy

A family-owned, Irish brand who’s vision to re-imagine the way ice-cream can be enjoyed has resulted in a unique product which allows you to become the ice-cream maker.

We firmly believe that a happier day is just a spoonful of ice-cream away. Curious to learn some more about us?

About Us

Eazy Freezy Ice Cream
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Add whatever toppings you would like

...because making it yourself is much more fun!   

Allow your imagination to run wild

...adding some of your childhood favourites to the mix.

Create your own custom ice-cream flavours

...just use an ice-cream maker or ice-pop moulds 

Eazy Freezy Ice Cream
Eazy Freezy Ice Cream
Eazy Freezy Ice Cream
Eazy Freezy Ice Cream

The eazy route to home-made fun

DIY ice cream, made Eazy!

With over a decade’s experience in the Irish gelato industry, and hundreds of ice cream flavours later – we’d like to think that we know a thing or two about ice-cream. Here’s the inside scoop: the best part is making it! We can’t keep it to ourselves any longer – so we want to share the experience with you.

"Kids love it!"